24/10/2023 - Minor update released to resolve system bug. If you are having difficulty submitting or requesting a signature due to a blank title field in section B please open your application and click the update prompt in the yellow warning bar.


04/10/2023– A major new version of the Ethics Application Form has been released today in the ERM system.  

The update incorporates extensive feedback from users and includes revised and streamlined full and proportionate UREC forms as well as tailored sections for school/division review and projects limited to one of the following: secondary data analysis, obtaining social media data, solitary autoethnography, secondary use of previously collected tissue samples, projects requiring joint UREC & NHS approval, collaborations with third party panel providers and collaborations with other external partners where UoM has a limited role. 

New applications 

If you are creating a new application in the system you will automatically be taken to the new form once you select ‘ethics application form’ from the create new project button.  

Existing projects 

If you have already submitted an application to your school/division ethics panel for review or if your project has been submitted for UREC review, you will be able to continue* with the old version of the form. 

If you have previously started an application but have not yet submitted you are welcome to either continue* with your existing form, or alternatively you can create a brand-new application using the new form. 

*Please note that while it will remain possible to continue with pre-existing applications for now, the old form will be withdrawn entirely later in the academic year so please ensure you complete any requested revisions and resubmit promptly.

If you have any queries regarding this update that have not been covered by the guidance above, please contact the Research Ethics Team on research.ethics@manchester.ac.uk  

To proceed to your Work Area, please click the Log in button in the upper right hand corner of your screen or the Home button in the upper left hand corner of your screen.


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